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Our landscape design services give you a space that is exactly how you dreamed. From start to finish, we foster clear communication so you can be confident in your new yard. We will work closely with you to ensure that budgets are set, understood, and met.

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Landscape Design Services from Vandenberg's Landscape Design

Landscape Design: What you need to know

Our landscape design process

Our landscape design process provides you with a completely customized landscape design tailored to your space. We begin by understanding your vision, then provide our expertise and create a concept based on feedback from our team.

We work within your landscaping budget

We provide you with an initial concept and projected budget. We understand all great ideas should fit into a comfortable budget so we work with you to get the yard you want in the budget you have set out. We can present you with a 3D view so that you can experience the finished product before work has started. This helps you to understand the project fully and avoid confusion.

We want you to be proud of your new space

When work is completed we will revisit the space with you to ensure that everything is exactly as it was laid out in the approved designs. We understand your investment in the space and we want to make sure that it is an investment you are proud to show off.


  1. First meeting scheduled at project site.
  2. Discuss client vision and present ideas from Vandenberg's landscape design team.
  3. Recommend a landscape concept plan to start the process.
  4. Present concept plan and budget.
  5. After approval, we bring more detail to the initial concept.
  6. We can create a 3D view to walk the client through before work beings.
  7. When design and price have been agreed upon, the project is handed to our project coordinator. 1 - 2 weeks before the project starts the project coordinator will meet with the client to confirm samples and ensure no deviations happen from presented design. The project coordinator will also communicate with neighbours on the work, approximated time, and provide contact info for any concerns they may have.
  8. Once permits are approved work begins. Throughout the job the project coordinator will have daily contact with the client (on-site, or with pictures via email).
  9. Upon completion we setup a time to review the completed project to ensure that everything is to the satisfaction of the client.

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