About Vandenberg's Landscape Design

Local landscaper in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

With three generations of landscaping experience, Vandenberg's Landscape & Design is able to provide superior service to each one of our clients. Our passion goes beyond landscaping by treating each client with respect and providing the quality of service that we promise.

Our history

The "green thumb" has been in the Vandenberg family for three generations. Starting in Holland, Matt's grandfather was a stonemason and market gardener. After moving to Canada these skills transformed into a landscaping business. Matt's father took over and eventually the reigns were handed to Matt. Each generation was dedicated to bringing quality workmanship with passion and professionalism.

Matt Vandenberg grew up learning the business from his father and grandfather. Skills from two previous generations were passed down to help Matt deliver the work that Vandenberg does to this day.

Vandenberg is committed to delivering superior workmanship, quality landscaping designs, and a satisfied customer experience. The entire Vandenberg team is passionate, trained, and knowledgeable. Each member brings his or her own individual skills that combine into a superior customer experience. Our work goes beyond our passion to treat our clients with respect and we do this by being punctual on site and performing our best with professionalism.

Because of our quality and dedication to work, Vandenberg Landscape Design has earned multiple awards.

The team

Matt VandenbergOwner & Project Estimator

23 years with Vandenberg

Ruby VandenbergOwner & Office Manager

13 years with Vandenberg

Patrick VandenbergProject Coordinator

7 years with Vandenberg

Daniel VanderpolJob Site Foreman

9 years with Vandenberg

Brian HardingSite Foreman

1 year with Vandenberg

Paul LarsonMaintenance Manager

1 year with Vandenberg

Trent BrownDesigner

5 years with Vandenberg