Lawn Care: How to Keep Your Grass Green This Summer

Categories: Landscaping, Lawn Care Tips | August 23, 2017

Even though the summertime is ideal for getting outside and enjoying your lawn, the dry hot weather can quickly turn your luscious lawn from vibrant green to a dingy brown colour. At Vandenberg’s Landscape Design, we understand how important yard and lawn maintenance is to you. That is why our professional team of landscapers have put together so simple lawn care tips on how to keep your grass green this summer.

Watering Your Lawn

Every living thing needs water to survive and your lawn is no different. During the hot summer months, weeks can go by without any rainfall, which can cause your grass to become dormant in order to conserve energy. When your grass becomes dormant, it will appear brown or tan and may even feel dry to the touch. The only way to prevent your lawn from becoming dormant is to water your lawn with deep, infrequent soakings. The most beneficial time of day to water your lawn is first thing in the morning, between 6am and 10am, to prevent the water from evaporating before the grass can absorb it. A good rule of thumb is to give your lawn a good soaking, two to three times per week.

Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Knowing how to properly mow your lawn in the summertime can help you easily prevent mowing damage. To keep your grass green this summer, you should:

  • Make sure you are mowing at a height no shorter than 3-3 1/2 inches.
  • Never mow in the afternoon when the sun is the hottest.
  • Mow frequently to maintain a healthy grass height (never cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any time), while also keeping a nice manicured look.
  • Keep your lawnmower blades sharp to prevent further harm to the plant and prevent it from turning brown.
  • Not bag grass clippings because the clippings act as a slow-release fertilizer, which is beneficial to the overall health of your lawn.

The Importance of Year Round Lawn Care

Your lawn will be able to tolerate the hot summer months better if it is in a healthy state throughout the entire year. Season-long care of your lawn includes watering, mowing, proper fertilization, and pest control. Taking proper care of your lawn all year along can help your lawn tolerate the summer heat, as well as other stresses.

If you would like to learn more lawn care tips on how to keep your grass green this summer, or if you are interested in one of our landscaping services, please contact Vandenberg’s Landscape Design at 604-866-3023 or by filling out a contact form our website. We are a White Rock landscaping company that is proud to serve customers from Vancouver to Abbotsford.

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