Landscaping Stone Walls: Creating a Custom Feature Piece

Categories: Landscape Design, Stone Work | May 3, 2018

Creating a custom feature piece, such as adding landscaping stone walls to your front yard landscaping or backyard landscaping, can be a simple way to separate sections of the garden and create a clean-lined look that will be sure to impress guests. At Vandenberg’s Landscape Design, we offer a wide range of landscaping services, including landscape designs for custom stone wall features.

Types of Landscaping Stone Walls

Landscaping stone walls can be used to help control drainage, provide a border, create privacy, or provide a decorative element to any type of landscaping. Some of the most common types of stone walls used in landscaping today are:

Dumped Stone Walls

Dumped stone walls, also known as stone bands, consist of rows of piled stones that are often unceremoniously tossed into elongated piles. This is the most primitive type of freestanding wall, as it is little more than a low mound of stone that can vary in width and height. In most cases, this type of stone wall is accumulated beneath a fence line and is never built into an upward wall.

Tossed Stone Walls

Tossed stone walls, also known as single walls, farmer’s walls, or thrown walls, have a wall base that usually consists of two or more stones; however, the most common type of tossed stone wall consists of a single stack of rocks, in which each individual stone is placed on top of one another. This type of stone wall has no planned support from side to side but rather takes its chief structural support from the line of the wall itself.

Laid Stone Walls

Laid stone walls are known for their orderliness, as each of the stones are precisely laid into a defined pattern. This type of stone wall is most commonly made using fieldstone because it can easily be sorted in order to provide you with the most orderly wall possible. Stacked drystones can also be used for laid stone walls and are popular for more decorative purposes.

Mosaic Stone Walls

This type of stone wall features a variety of different stones in a range of sizes and colours that are arranged into a geometric pattern. Since mosaic stone walls are most often used for decorative landscape design, the construction can be less sturdy and may require mortar.

Veneer Stone Walls

Veneer stone walls are mortared walls that have a thin layer of stone veneer applied to the surface. This type of stone wall allows for a wide choice of different stones, colours, and patterns to be used, making it both extremely functional and decorative.

If you would like to learn more about creating a custom feature piece out of landscaping stone walls, or if you are interested in one of our landscaping services, please contact Vandenberg’s Landscape Design at 604-866-3023 or by filling out a contact form on our website. We are a White Rock landscaping company that is proud to serve customers all the way from Vancouver to Abbotsford.

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