Simple Landscape Ideas: Adding Texture with Plants

Categories: Landscape Ideas | November 22, 2018

Adding texture with plants is a simple landscaping idea that can be used to create a more visually appealing space. At Vandenberg’s Landscape Design, we offer a wide range of landscaping services that are perfect for taking simple landscape ideas and transforming them into beautiful front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping designs.

Adding Texture to Your Garden

Since texture is by definition the quality of the surface of a material, adding textures with plants into any landscaping will invite visitors to not only look but also touch. Textures also relies on contrast for effect. This means that placing fine and coarse plants close to each other can increase their overall visual appeal. A successful landscape design should take into account walkways and seating areas in order to place different tactile surfaces within reach.

Types of Plant Textures

Some of the different plant textures that you can add to your garden landscape include:

Broadleaf Plants

Broadleaf plants can be the perfect way to add weight to any landscaping space, especially garden borders. This type of plant texture works as the perfect foil for many other plant textures, such as feathery foliage, spiky leaves, and delicate flowers.

Fine Plant Textures

Finely textured plants with thread-like leaves are ideal for garden spaces that are meant to be viewed up close, as they can add an extra dimension of movement; however, it is important to ensure that you do not use too many finely textured plants in one space or the garden will begin to look fuzzy. Out of all the different plant textures, finely textured plants need the most contrast to make them stand out.

Fuzzy Plant Textures

Even though fuzzy plant leaves tend to be gray, the tactile nature of the leaves makes them more visually appealing and allows them to stand out in the garden. This type of plant texture can also be great for complimenting other plants, as it tends to make other colours appear more vivid.

Soft Spikes

Plants with a soft spike texture, such as ornamental grass, can add texture, as well as sound and movement, to any landscaping space. Unlike most other types of plant textures, soft spikes can be used in large quantities for a larger impact.

Coarse Spikes

Most spiky-leaved plants tend to be stiff and coarse, allowing them to add a greater contrast to other types of plant textures in a garden space. This type of plant texture, whether the leaves are fine or broad, is ideal for adding an upward sense of movement.

If you would like to learn more about the simple landscaping idea of adding texture with plants, or if you are interested in one of our landscaping services, please contact Vandenberg’s Landscape Design at 604-866-3023 or by filling out a contact form on our website. We are a Delta landscaping company that proudly serves customers all the way from Vancouver to Abbotsford.

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